Teaching Philosophy

Teaching is a profession where every day is different. With these differences, there will be good days and not so good days. It is vital as a teacher to stay calm and centred and to not show your stress in the classroom setting. Teaching is about being creative and allowing students to explore the world. I believe that teachers must be inclusive of all students.  Students need to feel as they belong. I believe that this begins with developing relationships with students.  A teacher should get to know the interests of their students.  I believe it is important to draw upon the interests of my students in my teaching.  Once relationships are formed, and I have an idea of what the students needs are I am able to properly differentiate instruction for my students.  I believe it is important for educators to strive for equity in their classrooms.  Not all students are the same, and thus not every student has the same needs.  To achieve equity students need to have a safe school environment.  Equity relies on the relationships with students, and getting to know each student’s needs and strengths.    (relationships)

The overall goal of teaching should be to include everyone in learning and recognize that everyone can learn. As a result, we must engage different learning styles and recognize the eight multiple intelligences.  Through adhering to multiple intelligences, I will be able support students and use differentiated instruction.  We must also promote lifelong learners, and promote good citizenship in our students. We must incorporate a variety of social justice topics in our teaching. As a teacher, we must be careful not to judge and therefore perpetuate stereotypes. Teaching is all about asking questions, we must get our students to ask questions and prepare their own research on topics that interest them. I think it is very important that the students be learning about relevant, authentic world information. This is very important because it keeps the students aware of what is happening outside the school community. Through my teaching, I want the community to see the positives in the youth of a community. Many negative stereotypes have been created and as a result, many people picture youth as troublesome.  As a result students need to represented in the classroom, through the curriculum, and the classroom environment.  

Teaching in a 21st-century school has changed from a traditional classroom setting. In my classroom, the use of technology will be present. We must embrace the technology and use it to our student’s advantage. I believe the use of differentiated instruction is important to foster a sense of inclusion with all students.   Inquiry-based learning is also very important as it allows for students to research topics of interest. They get to ask questions and answer questions in creative and innovative ways. In my classroom, there will be tables where group work will be encouraged.  I want my students to do work that is exciting and relevant to them.  I want my assignments to be engaging. My overall goal is to have positive learning and fun in school.  I think we must view our classrooms as we want to view communities. We want to have a sense of collaboration.  We want to work together as everyone has something to share to contribute to the learning of others.  Furthermore, as a teacher, I believe collaboration within the school, and school division is beneficial to myself and other students.  As it will allow me to grow professionally.  

Students will leave my classroom thinking critically. I will achieve this by making sure to ask lots of questions, as well as having debates in the classroom. I can use technology to allow anonymous answers, so my students will feel they will not be judged. My students will be in a risk-free environment and will be comfortable with asking difficult questions dealing with issues of all sorts. I will be a listener, role model, guide, facilitator and teacher to my students. Students will learn the meaning and value of respect, equality, and honestly in my classroom. I want to set goals with my students and watch them achieve these goals over the school year. I hope to inspire students to work hard to obtain their goals. I will use conflict in the classroom as a problem-solving opportunity. We all continue learning. I am excited to be an important part of society to help and watch students grow and make a change in our world.

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